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Take control of your weight loss and live your life your way free tools Pictures of how to lose weight and diet correctly.

Tools and Information about Weight Loss and Diet
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Free Tools

Free Weight Loss and Diet Profile
Take our free profile to help you lose weight.  This tool will allow you to determine how many pounds you need to lose.

Body Mass Index Tool - Get a free measure of fitness
Allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index. This is a relative measure of fitness and can help you determine how much weight you will want to lose.

Weight Loss Goal Setter Tool
Helps you determine how many calories you should burn each day and how many you can eat in order to reach your weight loss goal.

Just Living Calorie Burn Tool
Allows you to calculate how many calories you burn just living.

Burning Calories while Exercising Tool
Tells you how many calories jogging, kissing or having sex burns.

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Tour our weight loss program.

Start the tour of our web-based weight loss program.

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