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How to Weigh Yourself!

By fatburn.com

Put your weight loss on track by weighing yourself correctly.

When you begin a weight loss program your tendency may be to get on the scale often to see how you’re progressing. This can be tragic to your weight loss psyche. The body can, and will, fluctuate in weight during a day- as many as 3-5 pounds! The factors for this fluctuation are what goes in and out of your body. Food and water plus bladder and bowel movements as well as perspiration will make an enormous difference in your weight per-day.

The best way to ensure that you are getting an accurate weight measurement is: First, get yourself a scale that only you use. Many people tend to use the scale in the gym. Most scales work on a spring system. Every time a person steps on that scale the springs get a little more wear and this will change its accuracy. The locker room scale is rarely accurate. Your scale at home could weigh you at 150 but the scale at the gym could fluctuate significantly in any direction. Don't forget, hundreds of people use that scale a week. Use your scale and your scale only. Most importantly, don't switch from scale to scale! Pick one and stick with it.

Second, pick one day a week to weigh yourself. On that day you wake up, go to the bathroom, and then weigh yourself. With your bladder and bowels (if you can) empty, and no food or water in your system, this is the ideal time to obtain your most accurate weight.

Now is the time for some control and patience. Use that weight for the rest of the week as what you weigh and DO NOT step on the scale again until the same time next week.

If you are eating right and exercising correctly, you will see a change in weight that you can "bank on" is accurate.

Use fatburn.com to track your weight loss. It's easy, just register, follow fatburn.com's daily routine and watch the pounds fall off.

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