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Can eating carbs (sugar) make you hungry?

By fatburn.com

Carbohydrates (sugar) and why claims that they are fatting are wrong.

No. In study after study, what food do you think researchers who look at satiety, or fullness levels after eating, left people more satisfied and ate less a full two hours later? Potatoes! Potatoes have a high GI, meaning they contain a high amount of carbohydrate, which supposedly makes us hungrier and raises insulin levels!

Many people still mistakenly believe that sugar is fattening. This is because many of the best selling diets claim that sugar is the beast that is causing the weight gain in America. Are these claims based on science or are they just another way to get you to buy a book?

The erroneous claim is simple. Foods that are carbohydrate based such as bread, pasta, fruit, and vegetables cause high insulin levels, which in turn prevent your body from using stored fat for energy. Then, these books claim that the higher the Glycemic Index (fancy words for how high your blood sugar rises when you eat) the worse the food is for you, because high GI foods cause even more insulin to be released. Come on! Not one of these claims is based on science. The GI of a food has so many variables. First, it is highly variable from one person to the next. When you eat an orange your bodyís blood sugar response will be completely different than the next person's. Second, science has yet to discover exactly what it is that varies blood glucose response. The rise in blood sugar has multiple variables Ė the amount of protein, fiber, fat, or whether itís raw or fresh.

Bottom line, Science does not support the commonly held perception that eating too much sugar is a cause of weight gain. In fact, it is high fat diets that are linked to obesity, not high carbohydrate (or high sugar) diets.

Obesity occurs when there is a sustained excess of energy consumed over energy expended. Put simply, when you eat more calories than your body burns, you gain weight. It is more difficult to overeat on a high carbohydrate diet than on a high fat diet because carbohydrate-rich foods fill you up quicker. Why? Because every gram of fat contains 9 calories while every gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories. Thus, for the same quantity (weight) of food eaten, you are consuming more than twice as many calories when you eat fat than when you eat carbs. Thus, when you reach your satiation level, if you have eaten more fat, you have eaten more calories.

Here are some helpful tips. Focus on foods high in fiber and nutrients such as baked potatoes, brown rice, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. These foods provide more satiety per calorie than foods with more concentrated calories, so you'll be satisfied with less. Eat few calories than you consume on a daily bases and you will lose weight. Finally, use fatburn.com to track your progress and you will be helped toward your weight loss goals.

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