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 Barry's Bootcamp (1) Message by Joni
Joined: 10/7/2008
Posted:  10/7/2008 9:22:00 PM # Replys: 1

Subject:  Barry's Bootcamp
I got Barrys bootcamp on Monday and it is awesome!!!!!

Author Subject/Message
Joined: 11/12/2008
Posted:  11/12/2008 1:37:00 PM # Replys: 1

Subject:  Re: Barry's Bootcamp  View this message and its replies.
I have been doing BBC now for a week. I am so disappointed that I have not seen the scale move yet. I decided to give FatBurn a try with BBC and hopefully see results. I have a Christmas party to attend in December and I would really love to drop a few sizes. Let me know how you are doing, and Good Luck!!

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