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 hey everyone! (3) Message by Ladybug
Joined: 10/18/2003
Posted:  3/11/2005 11:30:00 AM # Replys: 3

Subject:  hey everyone!
hiya! fatburn.com is probably used by a whole lot of people, and i can't believe that less then 10 people post in these forums. lets get a small community together to help each other out. we'll all stay under general catagory. i've lost 12lbs so far. it stopped coming off for a few days and stayed the sams, now it's comin off again. i'm also drinkin more water. i hope this is workin for everyone. good luck to all. Ladybg.

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Joined: 3/13/2003
Posted:  3/11/2005 2:59:00 PM # Replys: 1

Subject:  Re: hey everyone!  View this message and its replies.
Hi Lady...I've lost 15 pounds. This site has proven to be a good tool for me. Not sure why no one uses the forum here. It does take some time to enter food. Maybe people have other places where they go for support? Jan
Sweet lady
Joined: 3/18/2005
Posted:  3/19/2005 3:05:00 PM # Replys: 3

Subject:  Re: hey everyone!  View this message and its replies.
Hi, I was also shocked to see that no one really uses the message boards. I found this website by accident, but was impressed by an answer to a question that I was pondering on. I joined and I love this, calorie in calorie out I am learning so much. I would love to have someone to chat with while I am doing this. I have 112 lbs left to lose...I lost 45 lbs so far on my own and a personal trainer but was struggling with proper diet for me. I tried Weight Watchers but dont have time to make meetings and this is so much cheaper. Look forward to hearing from you. Taking charge of my health finally.
Joined: 7/30/2003
Posted:  3/25/2005 5:37:00 PM # Replys: 0

Subject:  Re: hey everyone!  View this message and its replies.
I agree - not very many people participate in the forums. I could use a little buddy system myself! Can't believe spring is here and summer is right around the corner. We just have to watch those calories and drink the water! My water goal is 96 oz a day - sometimes I feel like floating but at the end of the day I always feel better. Good luck to everyone!

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