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 cheat days/cheat meals (2) Message by Debbi
Joined: 6/10/2004
Posted:  6/12/2004 10:36:00 AM # Replys: 2

Subject:  cheat days/cheat meals
Hi all-

It seems like every 4 months or so I go through this phase where I want to eat really fattening foods. Most of the time I'm disciplined, and maybe once a week I'll treat myself to a carbolite frozen yogurt which is supposed to be low in cals, low sugar, and low fat. I exercise on a regular basis, usually 6 times a week for several hours a day just to maintain my current weight. Recently I attended a party and had my first piece of cake in about a year. I threw part of it out, but it set off the flood gates for me to seek out other bad foods that I haven't eaten in over a year. It makes me feel as though I've set myself back for weeks.Do any of you ever experience this? and if so how do you combat or offset it? Thanks!

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Joined: 6/18/2004
Posted:  6/23/2004 8:11:00 AM # Replys: 1

Subject:  Re: cheat days/cheat meals  View this message and its replies.
I go through similar stages, but weekly! Usually on the weekends I am more relaxed with food and eat what I want (and have wine!). However, during the week I am disciplined and stick to the plan. Another thing I do is if I know I've eaten too much I will compensate by adding an additional workout to my routine. I enjoy the StairMaster so that's what I do. You have to live your life so don't get upset if you eat over the allotted calorie intake once in a while! :)
Joined: 7/26/2005
Posted:  8/23/2005 9:29:00 AM # Replys: 0

Subject:  Re: cheat days/cheat meals  View this message and its replies.
Oh, I hear ya. I am pretty disciplined during the day, but that hour before dinner each night I sabotage myself. I want to reach for everything and anything. I have to stop this, I know, but its much more difficult when you are on a roll with it. Hang in there. We'll get through this.

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