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Q & A with fatburn.com's Experts

 Q:    OK - so, now that I am working out like a mad-woman, is it possible to overtrain my body that it counteracts the benefits of daily heavy workouts? Further, should I take one day off completely from training to give my body a rest and time for my muscles to grow - or not necessary?  
Asked By Nicole
 A:    Nicole, yes you can over train your body. In any bell shaped curve there is a point of diminishing return. This would take a while for you to work up to though. As long as you're feeding your body the right amount in correct percentages of nutrients this shouldn't happen. I recommend 20% protein, 50 percent carbohydrates and no more than 30 percent fat. For a woman, you should never go beneath 1000 calories a day. Considering you're working out a ton, remember you only need to be 500 calories consumed below what you burn to meet the standard of losing one pound a week. This should be plenty of food to make you feel satisfied. As far as taking a day off, the answer is yes. You want to avoid being burned out. The body, like the mind, needs down time and you should choose one day a week to just chill. Also, change up your wokouts so you're always keeping it fresh. Muscle has memory and it will get stale and bored if you keep repeating the same thing. Keep up the good work!  
 Q:    Q1) your home page and email said $5.99 the fine print says the service costs $7.99 how exactly will the charges hit my credit card? Q2) can I sign up and pre pay for a 3 month trial? Q3) I used the free service for a while about a year ago with good results. However, getting the food intake thing dialed in was a little cumbersom as there were odd selections and ammounts like a quart of ice cream but not a serving size. Q3)I excersize on a bycicle and the excersize options were limited. On the new and improved for a price site can the excersize (distance, intensity, time) be customized like the favorite meals? I use a heart rate monitor that estimates calory burn and rairly got even close results between it and your sight. Q4) Now that you are charging for the sight how much personal feedback can I expect if I have questions. For example will a subscriber be able to ask and get advise about diet tactics? excersize tactics? can I ask about I'm dieting but I get headaches type of questions? or when I cut the food intake down I get realy lethargec during excersize type questions? Thanks Carig  
Asked By Craig Adrain
 A:    Craig,

Thanks for asking your questions.

Q1) If you pay for the entire year, the cost is 5.99 a month and a charge of 71.88 will show up on your card. The second option of 7.99 is for those who want to pay one month at a time. The amount on your card will be 7.99.

Q2)We don't have a three month trial period yet, but your question will help us make those decisions as to offer that program or not.

Q3a)The database in the new program is much more complete and also offers "most popular" selections in almost each food group. This will decrease the amount of time you spend searching for an orange that will be on page 9 of the orange list because the search is alphabetical. You can also save your meals, edit them (new feature) and the coolest new feature is the "Favorites" button. This stores the last 100 things you have entered, eliminating the need to retype the food and search.

Q3b) The exercise choices are almost all the same. But you make a good case for us to update them. These are the kind of questions that will make the site even better in the near future.

Q4)I hope the answers to your previous questions show that we are committed to servicing you, the client. I can't really tell what you're asking in this question but if you restate it we will get back to you.
 Q:    How many useres per household, for $5.99?  
Asked By Rodney
 A:    Rodney,

As of now, it's one user per 5.99 charge. But, we are just starting out and will take into consideration a family deal this week. Check back soon and we will have something for you. Thanks for the question.

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