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Q & A with fatburn.com's Experts

 Q:    Hi was thinking about buying a performance supplement to assist me with my weight loss. And I would like your thoughts on performance supplements. They say that their product penetrates stubborn fat and suppresses your appetite for weight loss. They also, say that their product removes [the subcutaneous] water under your skin so you can finally see great muscle shape, cuts, and definition and you can now manage your overall weight and diet unlike ever before. Thanks I look forward to getting your feedback.  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Please read the article on fatburn.com about supplements. All your answers can be found there. The link to the page is below.

 Q:    I am a 13 year old girl, and I'm only a little bit overweight and I really want to do something about before I'm it's too late. I'm kind of fit but I was wondering, what is the best way I could lose weight and keep healthy? I know not eating isn't the answer, but other websites get me confused. Pleae help!  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Please come back to the site and click our health & nutrition tab at the top of any page. You will get all of your answers, to your weight loss questions, in those short and informative articles.  
 Q:    Do you have fast food and chain restaurants in your food data base? and how often is it updated?  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Yes. Underneath the food entry box, on the meals page, you can see our list of restaurants to choose from. Or just type the name into the box and the list will come up. We update our database almost daily.

 Q:    I've been tracking my intake for about 2 weeks and today I weighed 3 lbs more. I thought I was doing things right. Any advice.  
Asked By Kimballjunction
 A:    Be sure to stay consistent with your calories deficit. If you go up and down, your body ca think that it's starving and slow down it's BMR. Also, just stay with it. Being in a calorie deficit is the only way you will lose weight. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust, but it will happen.  
 Q:    I have passed the end of my original goal date and want to set a new one. I want to be sure, however not to lose any of the date that I have from the BEGINNING of my program. Can I do that? Thanks! LOVE this site! ~Tricia Kelly (Barry's Bootcamp-er) :)  
Asked By Tricia
 A:    Tricia,

Congratulations!!! You should be very proud. Changing your goal is easy, and you won't lose any of your data. Just go to the Goals button on the left side of the page when you sign in and click. Make the adjustments on that page, and you're good to go. Good luck with your new goal! If you need any assistance, please write back.

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