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Q & A with fatburn.com's Experts

 Q:    how much calories do the following have and can it be too much calories for a diet. im also going to excersise. this is all for one day 2 boild potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 2 small cucambers, 20 nuts, 2 small peaces of bread, 2 peaches. is this healthy.  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    fatburn.com has all the nutritional information for the foods you asked about. We calculate your foods, and their nutritional content, along with the calories you burn to let you know each day whether your gaining or losing weight. Give us a shot, you'll find fatburn.com to the weight loss tool you've been looking for.  
 Q:    Thanks for replaying..., I am doing aerobics three time a week and using fat burn supply why donít I lose weight?  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Because you're missing the most important part of the weight loss formula. You have to eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. There's no way around this fact. You could exercise all day long but, if you eating more calories than your burning, you'll still gain weight.  
 Q:    what is my daily metabolic rate, I am 5'7" weight 148 age 26, activity level- go to the gym 4 days a week 30 min of cardio.  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Go to fatburn.com's home page and use our free tools found on the left side. You will find what you're looking for there.  
 Q:    Is it possible to gain weight on only an extra 200 calories over a 2 week period- evn with a slow metabolism?  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Absolutely. When you eat more calories than you burn, your body stores those calories.  
 Q:    Is there a way to enter grams myself? For instance, if the food I ate is not on the list of items...can I enter its nutritional inf?  
Asked By suzanne
 A:    When you search for a food and don't find it in our database, you will be sent to a page that, when you click the link, will allow you to enter the nutritional information of what you are eating. Once entered, it will always be found in you database of foods.  

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