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Q & A with fatburn.com's Experts

 Q:    Hi! My daughter is 5' and weighs about 120 pounds or a little bit less. This year she danced,competitve swiming, and lacrosse. But her problem is she loves junk food,mostly chips and popcorn. She wants to lose weight fast. What can she do to lose her extra weight?  
Asked By Holly
 A:    It sounds like she exercises enough. Now what she needs to do is make sure the amount of food (in calories) she is eating is less than the amount of calories she is burning each day. This way her body is using stored energy (body fat) to supply her with the energy she needs for the day. Fatburn was designed to make this easy. Give it a try, we think you'll find it very useful.  
 Q:    How do I enter my water comsumption?  
Asked By Michele
 A:    Just enter water into the "find a food" box on the meals page and select a water from the database.  
 Q:    I really like the fullness in my breasts. Will they become smaller if i reach my ideal weight loss goal?  
Asked By Anonymous
 A:    Unfortunately.......yes. There is no way to "spot train". a certain area of the body. Breast tissue is mostly adipose tissue, body fat. When you lose weight, you lose weight all over your body at the same time.....including your breasts.  
 Q:    Hi, I work as a waitress during most days of the week. Do I count this in my activies log? Ex., I walked for 5 hours?  
Asked By ginger
 A:    No, you count that in your "Work Day Level" found just beneath where you enter your weight.  
 Q:    How do I delete a favorite food?  
Asked By Barbara
 A:    That list is static and cannot be changed. Sorry, we will work on a solution for the future.


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