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Take control of your weight loss and live your life your way health & nutrition | ask fatburn Pictures of how to lose weight and diet correctly.

Q & A with fatburn.com's Experts

 Q:    I entered an incorrect weight. How can I change it?  
Asked By Barbara
 A:    click the red X right next to the entry  
 Q:    Is there a way to forward my summary through email?  
Asked By Michael
 A:    Not yet, but we're working on it. Sorry  
 Q:    I accidently entered the wrong food under one of my meals. How do I delete it?  
Asked By J
 A:    There's a red X at the end of each entry. Click that X and it's gone.  
 Q:    How often do you update your food list and where do you get your calorie information from? I have noticed a few discrepancies in what your food list gives for calories and what the food labels give for calories.  
Asked By gina
 A:    Gina,

There are so many manufacturers of foods, and they are constantly changing the ingredience of those foods. We do our best to stay current with what's out there. We're sorry if you have found some that don't match up. We really do try to stay current.
 Q:    Hi, I'm having a really hard time adapting to the east coast. I'm under a lot of stress with my graduate program. I get light headed fairly when I don't eat consistently. I have always had a lot of muscle tone, weight about 140lbs and am a little over 5'10"...these charts have never really worked with me because I am strong...and even when I don't have an exersize regimin I am still that way. I feel like my nutrition is missing something...like I might have allergies that I can't nail down. I try to eat healthy(lots of fruits and veggies, vitamins, etc) and yet I still feel off. Do you have any suggestions?  
Asked By tori
 A:    Tori,

Check with you doctor about why you may get light headed and feel off. One thing that is very common, with women your age, is anemia. You may try some red meat or spinach to help. Most importantly is to get a check up with your Doc.

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